The woes of Facebook communication

Allow me to reiterate on what I’ve said before: whoever you are, I probably won’t like your music page till after you accept and like mine (provided I invited you to do so FIRST). Expecting favours tit for tat is petty as anyone should know, but if you were to actually check out my musical profile, you’d find that my choice themes vary into the borderline and I’m not exactly doing the “hopeless” of this lost generation any injustice. That’s irregardless of the fact that the vast majority of my tracks are recorded conveniently using a PMP (inferior to one privy with pro quality, as it were). If anything, I lose by advocating this (made evident by my far-out failure to reach just 100 page likes in a year); I gain only existential relief at best. Hopefully there’s enough variety to captivate listeners though, huh.

This message applies particularly to those long-term school friends and more recent music peers: don’t panic; it’s not my aim to steal any limelight from you on the internet; no hard feelings ever incurred. Just realise that, contrary to the “amateurish” nature of which my artistic development has sprung, this whole networking thing has – and never was – going to be easy for me! Oh and excuse ME for being somewhat unique.


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