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Taking no prisoners: “Two Steps Forward, One Month Back” as progressively recorded

Remember these were released in reverse chronological order, with what became known as “Blindside” being recorded firstly (a month before “The Show Must Go On” and two months before “Leavin’ Harbour”). Knowing this, I find it peculiar how the name — of what’s essentially now my first-recorded guitar release — implies “taking unwittingly by surprise” (and sure enough it does, opening with ‘Dark Times’).

“Blindside” was unsurprisingly implied in response to unleashing the likes of The Show Must Go On: All Hell Breaks Loose — with it particularly falling after my celebrational debut EP “Leavin’ Harbour”, in terms of release (which coincidentally happened to be recorded a month apart, thus setting the mould for releases I-III, resulting in “Two Steps Forward, One Month Back“). Truthfully, with that, I was disappointed at first to resort to following up with such a dramatic change in style, but saw it as an opportunity to express my anger (with a vengeance!); I often feel estranged as an aspiring artist. Besides, second half “Playing Around the World Tree” saved my quest from totally bombing. Where are you now? Heh.

In reality, “Blindside” somehow directly follows my first major demo album release “Believe“. Now that was recorded more than a year prior on keyboard (no preconception at all; it was naive, with ambitious traits). So in that respect, it should come as a shock — a sort of fall from grace waiting to happen (till you scratch beyond the surface of its ambiguous premise and hear that it’s actually a rather endearing EP). Still, it’s not something you’d expect — and that’s what I hope to be about! Rawr.