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So um, yeah…

Time goes by: I become more and more aware of how people might perceive me online; and thus there’s still some explaining to do! Perhaps there’s a misconception that I dislike those that haven’t accepted my page or event invites? Well let me say that I’m actually doing this more for personal, rather than environmental, reasons; it’s never going to be easy to “reborn” yourself when you’re from, what I feel — a rather mixed-up family. There’s my inked-up brother who’s an apprentice hairdresser; my youngest brother who’s well into gangster rap; my sister who recently became a mother; and then there’s big brother me — a broken musician & aspiring artiste (basically, the weirdo).

Halfway to nowhere: ever the optimist, huh! This wasn’t easy to confess to. But it was satisfying to void the pretence of having this “impressionable” artiste profile, where everything is actually 95% improvised and recorded in dire circumstances on a PMP (“blindsides” included). Yeah, I’m going nowhere fast with this quest (and my life, truthfully)! It didn’t have to be this way, but lo and behold — events conspired.

Highflier: so who are the ones trying to “pull me down”? The local dub-step warriors? Nah. The voices in my head? Maybe. And yer, I know… the music I so love and advocate is not going to go away… but, for me, it’s not always about traditional performance anyway. Believe it or not, I do actually like a bit of EDM (for one)! I even started off, back in my primary school days, with the likes of Dance eJay — arranging my own sample-based tracks (even ones that were played during a disco!). So, it goes without saying: respect to ALL musical artistes — as long as what you’re doing is for the greater good (of the music industry).

Existentialism: I don’t really need so little as 99 + 1 likes to feel a sense of accomplishment; but any fewer than half that amount would be sacrilege for what I’m offering. And I ain’t gonna wait till a blue moon to finally confess — no, not when I have such an abundance of recordings, while in this jobless plight. Might as well take my chances and seek out a prospective audience — perhaps even as controversially as the uploaded material itself. What’s there to lose, really? Aside from a few “friends” deleting me on Facebook, that is. Well, as for “50 likes” Lionheart, it looks like I unfortunately built myself a wall there; perhaps the other half will offer me (now lo-fi king) a ladder… I’ll be waiting, as ever.